Your premiere salon marketing partner

Salon X

We have developed proven strategies to take your luxury salon to the next stage. Increase your presence online, bookings, and client retention, and lead your market!

What we Provide

Increased targeted traffic online

Lead to Client booking process

Rinse & Repeat



Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We work with brands and experts across the globe.

In Client Monthly Views

Increase in Online Traffic

Partners in Countries

Cups Of Coffee

WE provide Results

Our Salon Packages are backed by Digital Proof of Concept. 

We provide results, guaranteed!

Our Track record

We focus on 3 main elements to boost your business. We will call this your digital foundation. Leveraging our exclusive proprietary industry-leading tech: TechX SEO 3.0 software we create this foundation and utilize it to expand your market reach. 

Results may vary from month to month and city to city, but overall we provide results. Imagine doubling the number of people searching for your business. Now, picture quadrupling that number.  

We have seen an average of 40 new clients a month for our clients even in the off-season. Our results, ROI, and delivery of services are unmatched. 

  • 1st Page Ranking – 76%
  • Organic Search – 55%
  • Engagement – 37%

If we can’t prove what we do we will refund your account. It’s that simple. 

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