Be a member of the team

BayWest Digital is motivated to see our team exceed beyond the simple work life. We invest in our team members to pursue their unique purpose in life. 

Positions Opening 2023

Partner Liaison

We believe in collaboration and partnering with leading companies across the globe. 

Director of Sales Intelligence

We are working to bring a new future to the sales approach.

Director of Agency Expansion

Drive small business expansion to help impact as many as possible.

Director of Client Development

Our clients are our teammates and we seek to grow along side them.

Director of Strategy

We believe in being cutting edge. That starts with creative strategies.

Director of Creativity

Take lead on creating an atmosphere that inspires brands and teams to prosper.


Financial Freedom

We offer generous pay plans that are designed to help you thrive in life.


Personal Time

We offer extensive personal time off, paternity & maternity leave, vacation, and sick leave.


We offer schedule freedom and four day work week. 



We strive to seek improvement as a company, individually & collectively. 


We offer a wide range of bonuses, company spiffs, promotions, and other perks.


We work with providers to offer health, dental, and vision plans that fit your family. We offer retirement and investment options that fit your life goals.

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