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Starting as little as $1/mo

Professional email that means business

Turn your name into a brand they won’t forget with a business email address.
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Advanced mailbox security

Our hosted email keeps your mailbox safe and secure with top-level antivirus and anti-spam tools. You can also add premium virus protection to get an extra layer of protection against viruses and other online threats.

Our ISO-certified data centers comply with strict data privacy regulations, and all your emails are automatically protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

Promote your name not someone else’s

Creating a business email address that matches your business name will boost your brand by making it easier for your customers to remember you. Customers are also more likely to open emails that come from professional email addresses rather than from free providers like Gmail or Hotmail. You can also create extra addresses for different parts of your business, like or

Includes all the features you need

All our email products sync across all your devices, have email forwarding, and come standard with export support. You’ll also get a free matching domain name and your choice of domain extensions, including the ever-popular .com.
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Switch email hosting with ease

Don’t want to lose any email from your existing accounts? No problem — our easy email migration tool works with any provider. In just a few steps, all folders and emails are securely copied across, so you can keep working without skipping a beat.

If you need any support during the process, your personal consultant will be glad to help.

Integration & Analytics

Easily set-up email conversations to connect with your CRM

Easily track click-through rates, open rates, and user engagement.

Increase email efficiency and improve customer experience

Grow your business with customer experience automation

Report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) titled “National Client Email Report 2015”. The report found that email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, which is a very high return on investment. The report is a few years old, but email marketing has remained an effective channel for generating ROI. 

“Based upon the last 5 years, ROI remains between $36-$42 for every $1 spent in effective email marketing.”

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Choose a Plan that Works for You

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What you Get with BayWest

User Friendly Support

We understand support can be a challenge in itself. That is why our support is user-friendly and client driven. Simply put, we ensure that when you contact support with a technical issue, the problem is not only resolved but explained and handled with personal care.

Video Tutorials

We can create video walk-throughs to help you train staff, refresh your memory, or solve custom user setups.

Advanced Support Database

We have access to a vast technology ‘know-how’ library to help solve problems that are directly facing your business.

Become an expert

Once we set up your account. You and your team will be communicating with your audience faster and more effectively. Watch your business grow. 

Email Hosting

Reach out today to speak with your personal consultant for our email hosting solutions.

Email Marketing

Reach out today to speak with your personal consultant for email marketing solutions.

Email Integration

Reach out today to speak with your personal consultant for email automation and integration solutions.

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